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The Threatening PE (Premature Ejaculation) Problem In Men

Male enhancement topics need not be necessarily about small penis size or bad erections. They also include cases with premature ejaculations. This is a problem especially for men than women. Now before getting into the solutions for this problem, let`s first try to understand what this problem is all about.

Premature Ejaculation or PE, as commonly known in the medical world, is nothing but the ejaculations that happen immediately or within no time of a sexual relationship. A healthy sex life is one which takes time in reaching the climax and this is the act that would perfectly satisfy both the male and the female. But there are men who encounter this problem of PE and experience a troubled sex life.

This problem affects the male more than the female for it is his poor performance that results in an unsatisfactory intercourse. Women generally do not mind this but the truth is once a man ejaculates his desire to be close to his lady love dwindles down and hence the act comes to an end abruptly disappointing both of them. This is a very natural problem but is curable. There are two types in this and the causes differ depending upon the type.

  • Lifelong PE

    – In this case, the problem of PE happens right at a tender age when a person is just in his teens. The major reasons for this might be haphazard lifestyles, improper sleep, unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking and the most menacing of all is the habit of masturbation. This is very common in men folk but this, when done fast and hastily, will result in a lifelong PE. Youngsters generally fall prey to this because they undertake to such immediate and swift masturbating for the fear of getting caught.

  • Acquired PE

    – This generally happens when a person is in his 30`s or 40`s. The major causes for this are tensions and stress and the maximum contributor to this is the advanced technology and demands of the fast paced world that burdens the person. High blood pressure or diabetes might also be a cause for this.

None of these types or untreatable for there are different ways and surgeries to correct this problem in men. All they have to do is to identify the problem in them at the right time and try to treat it under proper guidance for a healthy and satisfied sex life.

Tips and tricks As Barricades For PE

There are many natural and scientific remedies for this problem. Some of the natural ones are

  • Trying to get closer to the partner often and try indulging in the sex act.
  • Trying to avoid drinking or smoking to an extent which might have a great effect on a healthy sex.
  • Having sex with woman on top
  • Trying to get into the act with a thicker condom. This would help in holding the penis and stopping it from becoming sensitive immediately. There are people who get ignited with just a touch by their spouse and in them, the possibilities of PE are more. For such a person, thicker condoms would definitely help in holding his feelings, emotions and of course his very fluid for a longer time extending the joy of the ultimate act.
  • Trying to adopt techniques like start-stop and squeeze methods.

Start –Stop technique

This might be a little annoying for many but practicing this regularly and slowly trying to incorporate this in the final act will definitely prove fruitful. This technique is nothing but stimulating the penis and trying to stop it at the right time, i.e. just before ejaculating. Practicing this 4-5 times and then letting the penis to ejaculate would improve and enhance its efficiency and provide a temporary relief from the problem of PE.

Squeeze technique

This is a similar method to the above wherein you squeeze and try stopping the penis from ejaculating much before you intend to. This might, of course, interrupt your sexual act but doing this repeatedly would definitely help in rectifying the problem of PE in men.

All the above-stated methods and remedies, of course, do not promise a permanent solution for this problem but would definitely help in rectifying and enhancing the relationships better. for more information click on: this website

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